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How to Bring Your Pearls Along on Vacation

Headed to a faraway beach this summer? Setting out on a sightseeing tour? Maybe you’re even planning a cruise getaway? Whatever your vacation plans for this summer are, don’t forget to bring your pearls along with you! Just be sure to take some simple precautions to ensure that they don’t become damaged on the way.

Packing Tips

Of course, you’ll want to take a variety of pearls with you on your vacation, so that you’ll be ready for any occasion, whether it’s a lazy lunch on the beach or an elegant night on the town. Pearl necklaces, bracelets, and earrings will all complement your summer vacation look perfectly. But the last thing you want is for any of your pearl jewelry to get damaged on the trip. Here are some tips to help you keep your pearls safe en route to your destination.

  • Store your pearls correctly. The beauty of your pearls can be marred by improper storage in a purse or suitcase. Pearls should always be kept in a soft protective pouch, which should in turn be put into a hard jewelry box. Loose, unprotected pearl jewelry can be scratched by any number of things in your travel bag, including other jewelry, such as diamonds.
  • Protect your pearls from chemicals and liquids. Make sure that your pearls are not in the same suitcase with any toiletries that could leak. Even slipping your jewelry box into a plastic bag isn’t foolproof – the top may not be completely sealed, or it may get ripped by something else in your bag. Better to be safe than sorry, and put them in a different bag altogether, so no harmful chemicals can get to them.
  • Keep your pearls safe from rough handling. Cushion your pearls by packing them between layers of soft clothing, in order to protect them from any accidental blows or crushing pressure applied to your suitcase during long-distance travel.

Hotel Tips

Once you reach your destination, you’ll want to be just as careful with your pearls. Various vacation activities, and even hotel stays, can pose a hazard to your pearls, so to make sure you’re aware of the possible dangers, here’s a guide to vacation pearl care:

  • When getting dressed, pearls should always be the last thing you put on. Vacations can involve a flurry of clothing changes, as we go from beach to sightseeing to dinner at a nice restaurant. Be sure that each time you dress, you are applying any sunscreen, perfume, hair spray, etc. first, before donning your pearls. Otherwise the chemicals in those products can damage your jewelry.
  • Never, and we mean never, swim with your pearls on. Chlorine is deadly to pearls – it can actually dissolve them. And immersing them in the saltwater of the ocean, or even the freshwater of a lake, can cause damage as well. Save your pearls for the vacation outings where you know you won’t be swimming.
  • Wipe your pearls clean after wear. Using a soft cloth dipped in non-chlorinated water, gently rub them clean, and then carefully dry with another soft cloth. This way you’ll be sure that no harmful residue is left on them to cause any damage.
  • Store your pearls safely in your hotel room. It’s unfortunate, but not unheard of, that valuables left out in the open in a hotel room might be stolen. Make sure to hide your pearl jewelry in a safe place before leaving your room – and before leaving to go home again, double check that you still have all your jewelry with you. It’s a lot easier to check under the bed and around the bathroom for lost jewelry while you’re still there, than to ask the hotel staff to search once you’ve already left.
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