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5 Ways to Pair Pearls with a Hat for a Stylish Summer Look

Have you ever been told that you have a “hat face?” Wearing a hat isn’t as common in America as it is in, say, England, so many of us don’t have much experience with hats, other than baseball caps and knit hats for winter. You may have tried a giant, floppy summer hat on in a department store once, caught a glimpse of your reflection, and decided hats just weren’t for you. But there’s a whole world of hats out there, one to fit every face shape and every style. You just have to spend some time finding the right one – and choosing the right accessories to wear with it.
Pairing pearls with a hat is a classic style. Think Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton… It’s the epitome of elegance and grace. And it’s not just for movie stars and royalty, either – anyone can achieve that same statement-making look by wearing pearls with a hat.
Here are 5 different ideas to get you started accessorizing with pearls and hats this summer:
1. Try a multiple-strand necklace, worn long, with a floppy sun hat. The woman in the picture above is sporting this style, letting her necklace hang low to add to the carefree summer look of her white sun hat. A long, flowing, strapless summer dress like hers completes the romantic fashion statement. Can’t you just picture her strolling barefoot on the beach in this outfit?
2. Pair a pearl bracelet with a flowered hat. Nothing feels more feminine than donning a hat with silk flowers arranged on the brim, and a pearl bracelet. Wear them with a short, flirty summer dress, and you’ll be all set for a romantic picnic in the park.
3.  Go trendy with a fedora and a colorful pearl necklace. Yes, you can pull this look off! Don’t be shy! All it takes is a fun fedora and a funky, multicolor pearl necklace to go with it. Wear them with slim-fitting pants and a top that lets your necklace shine, and you’re ready to walk the catwalk.
4. Wear your multiple-strand necklace short, with a wide-brimmed straw hat. Get that fresh, crisp garden party look with a floppy straw hat and a thick cluster of pearls at your neck. Pair those with a floral summer dress, and you’re ready to sip iced tea on the lawn.
5.  Show off your style by pairing pearl stud earrings with a baseball cap. What says casual summertime fun more than a baseball cap? But just because you’re at the game doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Put on a pair of simple pearl stud earrings to let the world know you can look elegant and eat a hot dog at the same time!
As you can see, there’s a summer hat style for everyone. Whether you’re going for a romantic beach look, a flirty, feminine style, a trendy fashion choice, a flowery garden party look, or a cute casual style, pairing hats and pearls will do it for you!
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