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Be a Goddess on the Beach this Summer

“The summit of beauty & love,
& Venus was her name.

She's got it,
Yeah, baby, she's got it.
Well, I'm your Venus.
I'm your fire. At your desire.”

Alright, we know you’re singing along in your head! Who could resist? Now, quick – what images come to mind when you hear this song? Hot Summer afternoons spent lounging poolside?  Warm Summer nights spent dancing on the beach?  Or if you’re indulging your artistic side, maybe Botticelli’s famous painting, “The Birth of Venus,” depicting the Goddess of beauty & love herself, emerging from the sea in a seashell, almost like… a pearl?
In fact, the ancient Greeks & Romans considered the pearl to be sacred to Venus (also known as Aphrodite). Like Venus, pearls were associated with love, romance, & femininity – as they still are today.  & who wouldn’t want to add a few love Goddess-inspired touches to their Summer wardrobe? The Oyster Bay Collection of pearls make the perfect complement to beachwear, adding instant style & grace.
Before you jump in the pool with your pearls on, though, there are some important Summertime care tips you should know about, to keep your pearls looking as gorgeous as the day you bought them:
  • Whatever you do, DON’T SWIM with your pearls on. Chlorine can actually dissolve your pearls, while immersing pearls in regular or salt water will allow liquid to seep into their drill holes, permeate the pearl, & damage it from within.
  • Apply sunscreen BEFORE putting on your pearl jewelry. Any cosmetics, perfumes, or sprays that get on your pearls can damage them, so be sure to rub that sunscreen in well before you don your pearls.
  • If it’s crazy hot, better skip the pearls. Perspiration, extreme heat, & too much exposure to intense sunlight can all damage your pearls. Wait until evening cools things off before breaking out the jewelry.
Now that we’ve gotten those few don’ts out of the way, let’s take a look at the do’s!
  • DO pair a pearl necklace with your one-piece or bikini. Multiple strands look especially dramatic – like the rope necklaces from our Society Islands Collection. Throw on a wide-brimmed hat, & your look is complete!
  • DO experiment with the gorgeous Summery colors of our freshwater pearls like the ones in the Oyster Bay Collection.
  • DO take advantage of the seaside resort-ready look of our more unusually-shaped pearls such as the baroque pearls in the Polynesia Collection
  • DO remember to wipe your pearls down with a soft cloth after wearing them. You’ll want to keep them looking lustrous for years to come.
Don’t be afraid to let your inner Goddess shine on the beach this Summer! Whether you’re channeling her romantic femininity, her flirty style, or her sun-kissed beauty  - with the right pearl accessories to complete your look, Venus would be sure to approve.
Check out Avani Jewelry for the perfect pieces to create your divine Summer style!
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