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Bring a Piece of your Summer Vacation Back to Work With You

Summer’s end is drawing near. Don’t you hate to see it go? Relaxed weekends swimming in the lake, warm evenings sitting outside with friends, even the scorching hot days on the beach – soon they’ll all fade into pleasant memories, as we discover again the pleasures of dried leaves crunching beneath our feet, and the hint of fall in the air.

But if you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet, why not carry a reminder of it with you to work? Wear the pearls you took along on vacation, to remind you of those carefree days. And if you didn’t go on vacation this summer, just choose your most summer-inspired strands to keep the passing season in your thoughts.

But how can you incorporate your breezy summer vacation style into your professional work attire, without looking too informal? Here’s your guide to wearing fun reminders of summer, while still appearing polished and professional.

1. Long strands of pearls work well with jackets. Did you revel in the delicious luxury of wearing long, multi-strand pearl necklaces this summer? They’ll complement your work outfits just as nicely as they did your flowing summer dresses. Try pairing them with a tailored jacket, as seen in the picture above. The structured look of a button-down blouse is the perfect backdrop to highlight the dramatic, sweeping length of your pearls.

2. Balance a chunky pearl necklace with a simple top. Maybe you went in for trendy, chunky pearl jewelry this summer. Giant baroque pearls are the perfect choice for achieving this look. Don’t hesitate to wear it to work as well! Just don’t overdo it – give your chunky pearl necklace the spotlight by keeping your top simple. Choose a solid color for your shirt, with a plain neckline, so the focus stays on your gorgeous pearls.

3. Pair a pearl bracelet with a dress or skirt. There’s just something about pearl bracelets that makes any outfit more feminine and dressy. The bracelet you wore to a summer picnic or garden party can easily be repurposed to give that same pop of style and grace to your work clothes. Pair that classic strand of pearls with your shift dress, or wear your pearl charm bracelet with a pretty skirt.

4. Wear pearl earrings with a cardigan. The same pearl earrings that saw many a summer evening can add a touch of class to your daytime workwear, too. Pair a conservative pastel cardigan with elegantly lustrous pearl drop earrings for a classic style. Or don simple pearl stud earrings to add a splash of understated elegance to any outfit.

5. Don’t be afraid of color. Bright summer days call for vibrant hues in our pearl jewelry. But you can just as easily wear colorful pearls to work. Chocolate pearls, golden or silver pearls, and even black pearls are all appropriate in a professional setting. But you don’t have to stop there. Pastel shades such as pink and lilac can also fit into your work style – just mix and match!  Rose-colored hues can soften a more severe outfit, while deep, rich metallic or dark colors add a layer of sophistication.  Any way you choose to wear your summer pearls at work, they’re sure to add style, while reminding you of those warm, carefree summer days.

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