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Everything You Need to Know about Pearl Colors

Pearls have been a part of jewelry for thousands of years. Seen as delicate and rare, pearls have been a favorite gemstone of many women for centuries. Typically, the value of the pearl in jewelry is determined by a combination of factors, including the luster, color, size, lack of surface flaw, and symmetry. While pearls have been a rare commodity that signifies elegance for centuries, it is only recently that pearls have become more affordable for just about everyone!

Read on to learn all about the different colors of pearls and what they signify.


While there are many pearl colors in the world, the most famous pearl color is white.  The color white occurs naturally in the South Sea, Akoya, and Freshwater species of pearls. White pearls are a favorite of brides because they portray innocence, beauty, purity, and new beginnings. Additionally, white can portray truth, dreaming, fertility, simplicity, cleanliness, faith, honesty, protection, sincerity, and peace. The color white is the perfect color for weddings because of the freshness and newness that it conveys. However, white isn’t restricted to brides! The color white conveys elegance and class for just about any pearl wearer.


Gold pearls are often used to convey riches, wealth, prosperity, freedom, success, illumination, compassion, self-esteem, courage, passion, and wisdom. Gold pearls are a great gift for a successful transition in life, which is why they are often given away at graduations.  The color gold occurs naturally only in the South Sea species of pearls. Freshwater pearls on the other hand are gently treated with an organic dye to transform the pearls into an iridescent golden color.


Pink pearls are another favorite, especially for mothers. They typically convey health, love, generosity, romance, power, passion, energy, kindness, compassion, loyalty, faith, and happiness. Pink pearls are known to be the be-all pearl since they represent so many different qualities. The pink of the pearl can change depending on whether it’s a dark pink or a more peach color. The Freshwater species of pearls features a beautiful array of naturally occurring pink, peach, and lilac colors.


Silver pearls usually represent that the wearer has a few of, or all of, the following qualities: dignity, self control, organized, patience, wisdom, progress, calming, soothing, focus, insight, cool, security, and dependability. Silver pearls are a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection because they can go with just about anything!  Freshwater pearls do not occur naturally in a silver color and they are treated with an organic dyeing process that gives them a beautiful, shiny silver color.


The color purple usually represents majesty and pride. Purple-colored pearls also fall under the category of Aubergine, where black pearls feature strong purple overtones. Purple conveys traits along the vein of: wisdom, love, artistry, creativity, riches, leadership, royalty, complexity, vitality, nobility, pride, mystery, motivation, and passion. Purple is such a rich color that it is well-loved by purchasers.


Red pearls are pretty similar to what the color red represents in general. Typically, the color red conveys power, passion, love, and strength. Similarly, red pearls convey power, enthusiasm, success, energy, vitality, excitement, passion, love, strength, leadership, respect, determination, assertiveness, and stability. Red is a wonderful color for pearls since it gleams with a warmth from within. The color red does not occur naturally in any pearl species, and pearls are actually enhanced through an organic dyeing process. Red pearls are a great representation of romantic love.


Brown pearls, also known as Chocolate pearls, are great representations of dependability, stability, harmony, protection, comfort, elegance, security, healing, and reliability. Chocolate pearls are rich in color and seem warm.  They have recently become a highly sought after fashion accessory and make great presents for hipsters and women who keep up with fashion trends. Similar to the color red, chocolate pearls do not occur naturally in any species of pearl, and Freshwater and Tahitian pearls are treated with a pigment-enhancing or organic dyeing process that creates a rich and lustrous chocolate color.


Perhaps the second most famous pearl in the world, black pearls portray protection, independence, balance, control, mystery, strength, fascination, allure, prosperity, and riches. Black pearls occur naturally in the Tahitian species of pearls. Black pearls are elegant and, like white pearls, can go with just about any outfit!

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