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Pearl Care Guide: How to Take Care of Your Pearls

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pearls for yourself or a loved one, then you have to make sure that you know how to take care of your pearls. Taking care of your pearls will make them last longer, and will keep them from becoming discolored, scratched, or harmed in anyway. Keep in mind when you purchase your pearls that they are a delicate gem that needs protection, especially when you consider the difficulty in finding matching high-quality pearls! Take care of your pearls, and they will make sure that you always look dazzling.

Storing Your Pearls Safely

Since pearls are a relatively soft gem, they can be scratched. When you are storing your pearls, try to store them where they won’t be scratched by other objects. If you store them properly, then they will stay beautiful for longer. You should probably keep your pearls in a soft cloth bag or wrapped in a soft cloth. They should not be thrown in the jewelry box with the rest of your jewelry since they would be unprotected, and likely to be scratched by your other jewelry. Try not to store your pearls in an excessively dry place because they need moisture. If they become dehydrated, they can become brittle and crack.

Protecting Your Pearls

You don’t want your pearls to be affected by substances like make-up, hair spray, or cosmetics so make sure you put your pearls on after you make yourself up. If you put them on before, it is possible that you can harm the surface of the pearl and cause spots or disintegration.

Three substances that are deadly to pearls are vinegar, ammonia, and chlorine. Avoid these substances around your pearls because they can eat holes in them and dissolve them. Remember to protect your pearls from extreme heat, as heat can burn your pearls or cause them to be discolored. Also, sweat can damage your pearls, so do not wear them if you think you will be perspiring. Over time, your jewelry can be loosened, especially in rings or earrings. Periodically check your pearl earrings or rings for the settings and have a jeweler repair them if they are loose.

Strung pearls, such as those on pearl necklaces, will periodically need to be restrung. Typically, if you wear them very often, they should be restrung once a year. In most cases, strands should be restrung with a knot in between each pearl to stop them from rubbing against each other and creating wear. Additionally, knots prevent the loss of pearls if a strand breaks, which is rare.

Cleaning Your Pearls

Cleaning your pearls is extremely important. Every time after you finish wearing your pearls, you should gently wipe them off with a warm, damp towel. This removes body oils, sweat, and anything else which could change the color of your pearls. Sometimes there is a spot of dirt that you can’t rub off with a soft towel. In this case, gently use your fingernail instead of any other abrasive material to get it off.

While periodic washing is recommended, remember that you must be very gentle with your pearls. Wash them in warm water with an extremely gentle soap, not detergent or a cleaning solution. You should use a soft cloth or brush to clean the knots. Lay your pearls flat on a damp, soft towel to dry after washing. If you hang the pearls, the string will stretch. Once the towel is dry, the pearls will be dry.

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