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How to Wear Your Pearls with Jeans

Pearls are wonderfully versatile and can be worn in everyday situations. Everyday situations includes jeans! You can absolutely pair your favorite, popular pair of jeans with a gorgeous set of pearls. In fact, pearls and a nice pair of jeans can be a combination of classy and casual that can be perfect for meeting up with friends, going shopping, running errands, or anything along those lines. You can even have a fabulous night out with casual clothes and your pearls.

You should try wearing your black or darker skinny jeans with low heels, a loose silk top, cardigan or blazer, and a long, double strand pearl necklace. This style is perfect for a night out! As far as fashion is concerned, you can’t go wrong with skinny jeans and a long, double strand of pearls. This combination is dressed up enough for a night out, but the jeans make it casual enough so you have that perfect classy-casual combination.

For an extremely trendy and fashionable look, pair classy solid colored tops with lighter jeans. Make sure that you match the neckline of your shirt to the necklace style you wear. For example, if you have a boat neck, v-neck or off-the-shoulder neckline, you should wear a pearl collar. Additionally, choosing chunky, funky pearls paired with different beads helps to finish out that trendy look. This look is perfect for anything. If you have to go to the post office, pick up your kids, or go to an appointment, you will look both fashionable and confident.

You can pair either white or pink pearls if you like to wear pastel colored clothing. Darker colored clothing, however, looks equally as good with these lighter colored pearls, particularly because it is contrasting. You can always contrast your pearls with your clothes to draw attention to them. Additionally, you’ll want to bring attention to your style choices, as well as your face and neck.

If you don’t want to call attention to your face and neck by using a pearl necklace, you always have the option of pairing your favorite pearl earrings. If you wear your hair up and wear dangling pearl earrings, you are definitely highlighting your facial features. A great styling of earrings is a single teardrop shaped pearl earring in a simple setting, like those from the Sulu Sea Collection. When choosing the proper pearl jewelry, you will want to show your natural taste and sophistication. Your sense of fashion is what will come through even when you are casually dressed and relaxed. Keep it simple and low-key, and you will make a winning look.

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