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Summer is about to explode and there are signs of it everywhere. University campuses become hushed and quiet after the palpable excitement of commencements. Schools follow suit, while summer camps welcome hordes of youngsters with vast stores of frenetic energy to expend.

As the days lengthen and grow warmer, family road trips are planned. Some choose to fly out to exotic destinations, their nerves worn to a frazzle in crowded airports. Others prefer the decadent yet leisurely pace of a cruise. And there are those who would not leave their front porches for the world, enjoying the buzzing of bees in their scent-filled, heavily laden country gardens.

It’s that time of year for beachwear and shorts; for sandals and printed cotton frocks; for espadrilles and flouncy skirts; for cropped pants or jeans. All of which may be worn with that fashion staple - PEARLS! Pearls are for every season, but the summer allows you to show them off to advantage. Versatility is one of the desirable aspects of pearl jewelry.

Picture yourself on a pristine, white beach, cellophane clear, azure waters merging with a brilliant sky, an Iolana 18K Gold Filled Designer Pearl Necklace from our WAIKIKI COLLECTION caressing your throat. What could define the joy of summer more than the SUNSHINE COAST COLLECTION Soleil 18K Rose Gold Filled Graduated Pearl Necklace? The vibrant, glorious, and riotous colors of summer are celebrated in the Ultimate 10-12mm Honey Dipper Pearl Necklace Gift Set from our WANDERLUST COLLECTION.

Pearls, Summer, and You. A dynamic trio!

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