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5 Pearl Necklaces You Have to Have

Pearl necklaces are an essential addition to any jewelry collection. When you think of a woman fashionably wearing pearls, you probably think of a pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces come in a variety of styles and colors, and they are one of the best ways to get that classic, elegant look.

A strand of pearls around your neck is a tradition that hasn’t gone out of style. So why are pearl necklaces so popular? The answer is that pearls are timeless and wearable in everyday situations. Also, there’s such a variety of pearl necklaces that everyone can have their own style! Read on to learn the favorite styles of necklaces and then go shopping for your perfect pearl necklace!

The Pearl Choker
One of the early types of pearl necklace that is still popular today is the choker style. Choker style necklaces are usually 14-16 inches long. They are usually a single strand of pearls. As a classic style of pearl necklace, the choker can complement every neckline. Additionally, it can be work either casually or formally. This length offers a lot of versatility!

The Pearl Collar
Another favorite pearl styling is the pearl collar. Pearl collar necklaces are typically about 12-13 inches long. They usually consist of three strands of pearls or more. Since it is a collar-style necklace, it looks better with lower dipping necklines. It draws attention to your throat, which means it needs to be paired with necklines like a boat neck, v-neck or off-the-shoulder.

The Princess Pearls
The most common style of pearl necklaces is the princess style. The typical length is about 17-19 inches and is a single strand of pearls. The princess necklace style is very versatile and can be worn with both high and low necklines. This length and style of necklace is perfect for people who are unsure exactly what type of pearl necklace to get! The Bua Bay Collection pearl necklaces are all princess style.

The Pearl Rope
The pearl rope necklace is another favorite. Pearl rope necklaces can be 37 inches or more in length. In some cases, they can be as long as 180 inches, as seen in The Society Islands Collection! They can be worn as a single strand so they hang low, or they can be layered to create a multi-strand necklace. The versatility of the pearl rope allows it to be formal or casual, or whatever you want it to be! Wearing it as a single strand is equally as trendy, particularly since it can accent a backless dress or create a fantastic look with a pantsuit. The Pearl Rope style can be found in the Tara Island Collection.

The Opera
The opera style of pearl necklace, around 26 to 36 inches in length, is made up of a single strand of pearls. Because of its long length (though shorter than the pearl rope), it is versatile and can be worn either as a single strand or doubled to make a two-strand choker. The opera pearl necklace is traditionally worn with formal eveningwear, but you can style it with any outfit you’d like if you decide to make it a two-strand choker.

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