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How to Add Flair to Your Professional Wardrobe with Pearls

When you head off to work in the morning, are you dressed to the nines in a jacket and heels? Or do you work in a more relaxed, business casual-type of atmosphere? Either way, you simply can’t go wrong when you accessorize with pearls.

From high-powered lawyers to trendy, jeans-sporting graphic designers, anyone can easily add flair to their work wardrobe with pearls. It’s simply a matter of finding the right pearls to fit your professional style.

Business Formal

If you work in a profession that requires you to look your absolute best every single day, then pearls should be your constant companion. Pearls are formal enough to be appropriate in even the fanciest of workplaces. Need to look like a million bucks every day? Want to wear jewelry that’s elegant but understated? Need to be sure that your accessories are always tasteful and in style? Break out the pearls.

A beautifully tailored suit, or maybe a professional-looking shift dress, makes the perfect backdrop to a long, dramatic pearl necklace. The simplicity of a strand of white pearls lends professionalism and an air of impeccable taste to your look, while the drama of its length gives you that touch of extra flair.

Adding pearl earrings to the mix is the ideal way to complete the look. Simple stud earrings will complement your necklace, while still allowing it to remain in the spotlight.

If you want to branch out into something a bit more adventurous, while still maintaining that business formal look, try a more modern take on a pearl necklace: for example, one in which the silk string holding the pearls is encased in gold. The simple fact that it’s a pearl necklace will provide the necessary formality, while its unique appeal will add that extra sparkle to your outfit.

Business Casual          

If, on the other hand, your workplace dress code is more casual, pearls provide you with unlimited possibilities. You can go classic and timeless to dress up any look, from jeans to a skirt. Or, you can go trendy, chunky, and colorful to add some extra oomph to your casual attire.

Pair a simple top and pants with a one-of-a kind necklace combining bright coral and lustrous pearls to add that spark of interest, and a splash of color. Or wear fun, dangly pearl earrings with any outfit to frame your face in style.

Try a pearl bracelet to add a touch of class to your workwear. Whether it’s a chunky charm bracelet, or a sleek strand of black pearls, it’ll make a skirt or dress even more feminine and pretty.

Business casual attire also goes perfectly with mother of pearl jewelry! A dramatic, attention-grabbing mother of pearl pendant is the perfect complement to any top, while a chunky mother of pearl necklace or bracelet can add an element of fun and interest.

So regardless of whether you’re a business formal or a business casual type, you’re sure to find pearls that will complement your style. Able to be paired with heels, sneakers, and everything in between, pearls are a great fashion choice at any workplace.

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