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How to Wear Pearls in Everyday Situations

Pearls have a classic elegance that makes the wearer seem sophisticated. The simple grace of pearls can make a great accessory to any situation, whether you’re going to the office or have plans for the evening. You can even wear pearls to make your everyday attire seem more fashionable. As the epitome of chic and status, pearls were once only available to people who had large disposable incomes. Today, however, everyone can afford to buy their own pearls, especially with the prices offered by companies like Avani Jewelry.

Wear Classic Pearls to the Office
If you want to wear your pearls to the office, try to wear your more simple pieces. For example, wearing one strand at a time makes your outfit more sophisticated. You want your pearl necklace to stay above your bust line. A simple pearl necklace will complement, not overpower, your look. If you’re wearing a business suit, you can pair a short strand of pearls with it. Stud pearl earrings can go with any work attire. 

For Evening Engagements, choose Ornate Pearls
If you’re going for a black-tie look, you shouldn’t overdress yourself in jewelry. Once again, simple is best because it is classy and elegant. If you pair a pearl string with a black dress then you have a timeless, classy look. You don’t have to stick with one strand of pearls, however. Multiple strands of colored pearls create a dramatic evening look. If you are wearing a solid-colored dress, then you should try to focus on wearing large, colorful, and long pieces. Smaller pearls are perfect for embellished attire. In the evening, wear necklaces, earrings and bracelets in combination, because the pearls can emphasize your look. If you wear your hair up, opt for ornate dangling earrings. If your evening attire is sleeveless, choose a matching pearl necklace and bracelet combination.

Wear Trendy Pearls with Everyday Attire
Pearls aren’t just for formal occasions though! They can be perfect for jeans, casual blouses, and simple dresses, or even T-shirts if you know how to pair them correctly! In particular, colored pearls work perfectly for daytime. With everyday attire, have a little fun with your pearl jewelry. If you pair a classy top with jeans, add pearls to create a trendy and fashionable look. Choose chunky pearls, colored pearls or layer different strands of pearls. You can select a long pearl necklace and layer up your neck to create a fashionable look. Wear long or different colored strands of pearl necklaces with a solid-color top. You can even pair several strands of pearl bracelets on one wrist with a short-sleeve shirt.

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