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How to Wear Pearls on a Summer Evening

What could be more exciting than a summer evening out on the town? Whether you’re attending a formal affair, or just sitting under the stars on the patio of your neighborhood seafood joint, pearls add an instant touch of class to your look. Warm summer nights are the perfect time to showcase your pearls – there are no wraps or jackets to get in the way! Here’s a guide to wearing pearls on your summer evening out, no matter the occasion:

1. Formal Events – If you’re putting on an evening gown, pearls are a natural choice. Pearls are appropriate for any formal occasion. The elegance of a long dress is complemented perfectly by a classic string of pearls at the neck or wrist – or both! Balance a dramatic outfit by wearing a simple necklace, or spice up your quiet dress by wearing a necklace with a wow-factor. And if you’re going all out and wearing long formal black gloves, what better way to draw everyone’s eyes to them than to pair them with a lustrous white pearl bracelet? Pearls and formal events: a match made in heaven.

2. Semi-Formal Events – The flirty, shorter dresses of semi-formal occasions give you the flexibility to choose more playful pearls to wear along with them. Of course, classic strands always look great, but you can also try a more unique take on the simple pearl necklace, like a lariat, which can be loosely knotted around your neck, draped around it in different lengths, ends hanging loose, or even worn in a combination of two or more. If, on the other hand, you’re following the current trend of Great Gatsby-inspired flapper fashion in your choice of dress, long, layered strands of pearls are a requisite part of the look! Throw on two or three multiple strand necklaces to get that carefree, 1920s party girl style.

3. Casual Nights Out – If you’re spending a fun, casual summer evening out with friends, you may think you should just leave your pearls at home. But pearls can add a pop of pretty to any outfit, from cute summer dresses to comfy capris. With casual outfits, you have the freedom to experiment with any type of necklace or bracelet that complements your look. Try a fun pearl charm bracelet, to add some jingle-jangle to your jeans. Or go with a funky, chunky, multicolored pearl necklace to complete your trendy look.

4. Anytime, Anywhere – Pearl earrings are a must-have essential for your summer evening wardrobe. They’ll be a staple of your look, your go-to choice no matter what the occasion. Simple pearl studs are perfect for the daytime, but you should definitely go for long and dramatic in the evenings! Try single pearl drop earrings for more casual outings, or dangling pearl clusters, or even chandelier earrings, for formal and semi-formal summer affairs. Match the color to your dress, or stick with classic, shimmering white – either way, you’re sure to make an impression on your summer night out on the town!

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