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How to Wear Pearls on Your Wedding Day

It is tradition in many cultures around the world to wear pearls on your wedding day. For many people, the tradition of pearls is most important because they are passed down from ancestors. In this case, they can represent something old or something new! Like the emergence of the white wedding gown, pearl jewelry became a part of wedding tradition in the Victorian Era. Remember that we are living in modern times now though, so you don’t have to stick with the traditional method of matching earrings, necklaces, and bracelets!

Incorporating pearls into your wedding attire has never been easier. Pearls can even become a part of the wedding gown itself by being functional buttons or simple decorations. In fact, you can even incorporate pearls into your veil. Read on to learn about some of the best ways to add pearls to your wedding day! 

If you don’t want to include pearls in your jewelry for the big day, remember that you can add pearls to your accessories! As a classic bridal accessory and traditional choice, pearls can create an elegant look when added to a simple gown. Pearls are subtly beautiful, and their luster works well with many skin tones, making them the perfect accessory. Remember that the focus of the wedding should be on you, which is why you should keep any pearl accessories simple. You can even add brooches to a simple wedding dress to create an elegant, sleek look.

You can even include pearls in your hairstyle. While most brides worry about what kind of hairstyle will best suit their features and their dress, they can rest assured that pearls will go with any hairstyle. The choices of hairstyles and accessories are limitless. If you’d like to include pearls in your look, you can always include them in the accessories that you wear in your hair. For example, in a sweeping up-do, you can include a pearl hair clip as the major accessory. Some other common types of pearl accessories are pearl hair combs and pins. The most well-functioning and easy to use accessories if you’re still unsure what you want are pearl hair clips, which add simple elegance to any look.

Your decision to include a veil or not can also affect where you place your pearls. You can wear your hair up or down and include pearl accessories in whatever hairstyle you choose, though the hair accessories should be chosen with care. Remember that your accessories are still a part of your wedding attire and will be featured in all of your wedding photos for years to come. You can include pearls in a traditional way, such as wearing them as bracelets or earrings, or you can include them in the combs and clips that you use in your hair. Your pearls can be in clusters, patterns or teamed with other materials. Pearls add that extra level of elegance that can be just the right touch to any wedding attire.

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