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Jazz Age Glamour and Pearls in Today’s World


The Roaring ‘20s got its name because this decade was a time of great economic prosperity after World War I and was influenced by many things, including the emergence of jazz. Sometimes referred to as the Jazz Age, this era represented a change in the youth but especially in women. Women’s suffrage was at its peak and the emergence of women from the shadows of home life into the workforce was slowly becoming a reality. This led to the development of the flapper, a woman who discarded conventional dress and behavior and adopted the new urban styles and ideals of the 1920s. This was particularly because there were many more possibilities for women in terms of social life and entertainment.

The fashion of the 1920s was representative of the changing role of women. The Jazz Age was one of glamor, which is shown in Daisy Buchanan’s outfits in the film version of the Great Gatsby. Jewelry was an important part of the Jazz Age, but pearls were particularly important. Pearls had, until this point, represented opulence, decadence, and royalty. Thus, wearing the suddenly affordable cultured pearls reflected these qualities onto women who were determined to exude elegance as well as female freedom. Additionally, Coco Chanel had become very popular as a trendsetter. Her most famous fashion trend? Long strands of pearls!

How to Get the Look

We know that the Roaring Twenties is a decade that will stay with us forever, particularly because the emergence of the flapper girl was so new and still remains one of the first times that women made a social statement through fashion. In fact, the 1920s had a serious impact on 2013, particularly because of the release of the film version of the Great Gatsby. So how can you incorporate this Ultra Glam look in an updated way? Think peacocks, feathers, pearls, glamorous dresses, and sparkling headbands!

It can seem difficult to incorporate peacocks into your look, but you can add them through peacock style tights, or even through feathers in your hair! Also, the colors of the peacock (green, gold, rich blue, dark purple) are hues that perfectly represent the affluence of the Jazz Age. Wear a drop waist frock, or elegant lace. The best way to get that Roaring Twenties look, however, is to add Great Gatsby inspired pearls.

Pearls change simple outfits into elegant ones, which is why many women from the 1920s to today have loved adding pearls as accessories. In fact, Hollywood stars began to wear pearls as well, which inspired the pearl craze all the more. The Royal Falls Collection and Rose Atoll Collection reflect the elegance of the stars who wore pearls. The Roaring Twenties were all about elegance, affluence, and glamour. In fact, seeking out that glamorous pearl style is one of the best ways to attain that Roaring Twenties look in a modern world.

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