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The Benefits of Early Christmas Shopping

“Oh let’s go Christmas shopping!” you plead, “On Oxford Street! Or Fifth Avenue! On Christmas Eve! It will be so delightful!”

Bright lights, decorations, crisp white snow sprinkled across the streets, children, running about in little hats and gloves, gleefully chucking snowballs at each other, and carol singers cushioning our ears in gentle song. And a wallet stuffed full of lovely cash.

Ah yes, last minute Christmas shopping is a dream. Isn’t it?

In reality, last minute Christmas shopping is somewhat less romantic. Cue the rain…

Packed into over-lit chain superstores, sandwiched between bedraggled, broke and depressed shoppers, dragging your poor child, kicking and screaming through miles and miles of legs (because let’s face it, that’s all they can see), cold, tired, hungry, and altogether wanting something a little stronger to drink than Christmas spirit, you curse the holidays under your breath, and yourself, for leaving your shopping until so late. Again.

Oh but you haven’t finished yet… Laden with bags of things you know they don’t really want, or that you’ve had to actually fight another human being for, because it was the last one left, you trundle home, deflated, and thank the heavens you won’t have to do that again, for another year.

Ah, yes. Last minute Christmas shopping. A nightmare isn’t it.

But, what then is the answer?

It’s really very simple: Do your Christmas shopping early.

If you are a sadist, (that is not a values-based judgement), and need additional convincing, here are four more stellar reasons, to do so…

1. Avoid the Stress

As Deals Researcher Charlotte Burns states on well-respected website Moneysaving Expert, December Christmas shopping is both stressful and depressing, owing to the weather, finding somewhere to park, and trawling through aisle after aisle brimming with the same old junk. Come January, you may even find that the item you purchased is discounted.

You want to find something unique for a loved one? Thanks to the Internet, you can trawl no more.  By shopping online, early, from the comfort of your own home, with a cup of good coffee (I prefer a good cup of English tea), from a reputable retailer who strives to bring you the best prices, you can eliminate at least 80% of the hassle.

That’s where Avani Jewelry comes in:

It has always been our principle to bring gorgeous, authentic pearls to every woman’s jewelry collection. Therefore, our pearl buyers strive to bring you the best prices, all year round, not just during sales.  But if that wasn’t enough, we drop our prices as low as possible during the holidays to make your gift giving that much easier!

Not only that, but our pearls are sustainably sourced. We pride ourselves on our reputation and integrity. So that’s reason number one.

2. Guaranteed Delivery Times

Ever done that thing, where you wait until the last minute to order all of your presents online, because you thought you could face going out to the shops, in the rain, and the cold, and the madding crowds, but then thought better of it (and rightly so).

You log on, and commence your Christmas shopping on, oh, let’s say the 18th of December. A perfectly respectable time-frame in your view.

You then realize that the deadline for deliveries is getting pretty close. So you have to make your all important decisions in a rush.  And oh, but you don’t know whether she’ll like the black ones or the white ones and oh, maybe grandma would prefer something a little more…

Yeah. Shop early. Avoid the panic attacks at your computer. Okay?

Online retailers are NOT Santa. We have no magic sleigh, or elves working tirelessly all through Christmas Eve. We have only real, dedicated pearl farmers and friendly customer service assistants, working their fingers to the bone to bring you the most beautiful Pearls at a gorgeous price. And believe me, if we were to ask them to work until 1am on Christmas morning, the price of our pearls would not cover their demand for monetary compensation.

With that in mind, Avani Jewelry delivery cut-off dates for both the United States and Internationally are research and set to ensure we can deliver on time (because Christmas comes but once a year). Compared to many well-known online retailers, this is really very good.  Which brings us to our next point…

3. Better Deals

According to, 80% of consumers asked, stated they found much better prices online, than in the shops. Shopping online will save you money. And beginning early will mean you have more time to search for good deals, without even leaving your house.

Another cup of tea, Dear?

Don’t mind if I do.

 4. Ensured Stock

Avoid having to settle for second best: By the time you rush out and try to buy something on the 23rd or 24th of December, you can guarantee there will not be much left on the shelves, even if you are shopping online. And your goods will probably not be delivered anyway. (Ahem, see point number 2).

The stock will still be pretty low. So you’ll end up buying something you didn’t want, (a.k.a wasting your money completely); or buying an identical item from a more expensive retailer, because it is the only option left; or buying something completely different, and waaay more expensive. Because it is usually the very expensive items that remain on the shelf.

Or...You could just show up with no present, because it’s the thought that counts, right?

Wrong. Buy early. Save money.

In short, shopping online, early, with delivery cut-off dates in mind, will see you reclining on a comfortable chair, in front of the computer, with a lovely, warm cup of tea (or coffee or hot chocolate, you get the gist).

Two weeks later, you will find yourself kindly trying not to laugh at all those deluded shoppers trundling past your window, hoping for fairy lights, carol singers, and a magical Christmas experience.

We can't wait to be of service!


The Team @ Avani Jewelry

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