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Tough Week Have You Crying for Mama? Try Mother-of-Pearl Instead!

Sometimes, you go through a week so rough that nothing seems to help soothe your stress. If your week has been bad enough to get you crying for your mom (or anyone who is a maternal figure in your life), you may need an extra large dose of retail therapy to get you through to the weekend.  Instead of only shopping for pearls, though, this week, why not try shopping for mother of pearl jewelry?

Mother of pearl jewelry comes in so many unique colors, shapes, and sizes. You can find pieces that include pearls interspersed with the iridescent material, as well as pieces that are solely dedicated to showing off mother of pearl’s gorgeous hues and luminescence. But whichever type of mother of pearl jewelry you choose, you’re sure to fall in love with it the moment you put it on. There’s nothing quite like mother of pearl.

One of the unique aspects of mother of pearl is the fact that necklaces and earrings featuring this material come in so many different styles. From formal to casual, and everything in between, it’s easy to find a mother of pearl piece for every occasion.

For example, our Oyster Bay Collection Double Strand Mother of Pearl Necklace comes in a range of color options and just the thing to spice up your work outfit. And with all the compliments you’ll get, your week is sure to start spiraling upwards instead of downwards once you put it on. You know what they say about the color, blue, too, don’t you? It has a marked calming effect on people – so everyone around you will receive the benefits of your necklace, as well! And if you’re feeling happier, and your coworkers are calm – well, that’s the best possible situation, isn’t it?

Or, you could go for one of our beautiful necklaces with both pearls and mother of pearl. What a way to make a statement at work! You’ve got the classic style of pearl clusters, juxtaposed with the trendy look of mother of pearl shells. And with so many different ways to wear it, it’s almost like getting two different necklaces in one! This one is bound to attract comment, and even closer inspection, by your coworkers. They’re going to want to get a better look at your unique piece. And who doesn’t love basking in the center of attention? Your week will be looking up in no time flat.

But you know what else helps, when you’re in a bad mood or stressed? Giving to others. As much fun as it is to shop for yourself, it can be even more fun to shop for someone else, anticipating the reaction you’ll get when they open that box and see their surprise. The pleasure you’ll get from choosing just the right pair, and then watching her smile as she opens the unexpected gift, will boost your mood, too!

Which mother of pearl piece is your favorite? Do you have any other recommendations for how to wear this unique jewelry? Share them with us!

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