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BORA BORA Pearl & Diamond Pendant and Earrings Set

BORA BORA Pearl & Diamond Pendant and Earrings Set

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Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Look no further than our Bora Bora Pearl & Diamond Pendant and Earrings Set! This glorious set features a stunning large 10-11mm pearls in black, white, blush, golden, or gray, set in a 18K white gold filled setting encrusted with 5 lab-grown diamonds, making it an elegant and thoughtful gift any mother would love.

  • Pearl Color: Black, White, Blush, Golden, Gray
  • Pendant & Earring Pearl Size: A Stunningly Large 10-11mm
  • Setting: 18K White Gold Filled Setting Encrusted with 5 Lab-Grown Diamonds
  • Grade: High Quality AA+
  • Luster: Very High
  • Nacre: Very Thick
  • Surface: Excellent
  • Pearl Shape: Perfectly Round when viewed from the front
  • Pearl Shape Against Setting: Dome-Shaped that sits securely against the skin
  • Matching: Excellent
  • Number of Pearls: 3
  • Species: Freshwater
  • Design: Classic, Glamorous, Elegant, Timeless
  • Occasion: Formal, Evening, Business, Weekend
  • Pendant Length: 18 Inches

*Necklace chain design may vary based upon availability*

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