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Everleigh 43 Carat Natural Blue Sapphire 18 Inch Necklace

Everleigh 43 Carat Natural Blue Sapphire 18 Inch Necklace

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Capture the beauty of nature with the Everleigh 18 Inch 43 Carat Natural Blue Sapphire Necklace, featuring untreated stones of exquisite color intensity and clarity. Each unique sapphire has been carefully cut to expose the full brilliance of the gem, set off by a classic 18K White Gold Filled Toggle Clasp and finished with timeless elegance. Your exquisite addition to any occasion, be it smart casual, business, or evening.

These sapphires have had no enhancement or heating whatsoever. The color & clarity was created entirely by nature, in the earth by natural geological process.

  • Gemstone: Natural Blue Sapphire
  • Origin: Burma
  • Total Carat Weight: 43 Carats
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Color: Blue
  • Color Intensity: Blue-Gray
  • Clarity: I1 - Included
  • Transparency: Opaque
  • Gemstone Dimensions: 3x3mm
  • Shape: Faceted Round
  • Species: Corundum
  • Mohs Hardness: 9
  • Toughness: Excellent
  • Rarity: Untreated natural sapphires such as these are exceptionally rare & desirable
  • Clasp: 18K White Gold Filled Toggle Clasp 
  • Length: 18 Inches
  • Design: Classic, Elegant, Timeless
  • Occasion: Smart Casual, Business, Evening
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